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Allen Cornelison Sr. takes readers on a uniquely mysterious and emotional journey into the puzzling world of the Paranormal. By reading this book, one will surely feel as though they are following one paranormal investigator’s descent into the inexplicable world of the unknown. The writer truly expresses the effect and toll something as obscure as the paranormal can have on an individual’s life. Knowing Allen personally, and being a part of the latter portion of his experiences and journey with the Stage Coach Inn, I can truly feel the emotion and mystery behind this story.

-Dee Garcia
Co-Founder/Owner of “The Spirit Realm Network”
Paranormal Investigator on “The Ghost Box Chronicles”
Radio Show Host of “Phenomena Encountered”, & “Box Talk with Moonie and Dee”

I have known Allen Cornelison Sr a few years now and have a ton of respect for him and his knowledge. When he started telling me the stories from the Stagecoach Inn, I knew he had to lay them down on paper. After months of hard work we have "Ghosts and Legends of the Stagecoach Inn" it’s brilliant and a job well done by the author on his first book! You can tell the passion and knowledge he has for this location in his writing. I highly recommend giving this book a read, you won’t be disappointed! Daniel Klaes

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From the mouth of a child to the halls of an ancient building, from history’s legends to modern day experience, Allan Cornelison’s paranormal journey will enthrall you. Ghosts and Legends of the Stage Coach Inn will send a chill up your spine and open your mind to a new perspective on life, death, and what might follow. You decide. – Chris Di Cesare, SyFy School Spirits

Coyote Chris Sutton


Whenever friends or colleagues ask me to read and comment about a book they have written I, if there is no way to weasel out of it, do so with some trepidation. I’m the son of an English teacher and I took many literature classes in college, so I’m rather particular about what I read, and I am rather merciless when I’m going through somebody’s manuscript. So, when Allen asked me to read and comment on The Stagecoach Inn I thought hard about it because I knew that he had not authored anything before, but I also knew a lot about Allen’s experiences at the Inn and how these experiences had affected him. So, I accepted the manuscript as I was curious as to whether he would be telling the whole story, but expecting a dull, torturous read no matter how he told it. I am happy to report that my expectations were way off the mark. This book is a page tuner that I read in two sittings, finding myself engrossed in Allen’s retelling of his relationship with this very paranormally active building in Iowa. While he does very well in recounting his investigations at the Stagecoach Inn, he goes well past this and also shares with the reader how his obsession with the site began to affect his personal life, especially his marriage, as he spends more and more time investigating the Inn and, when he is home, pouring over video and audio tapes without really realizing how his lack of attention affects his family. As a witness to some of Allen’s obsessive behaviors I can say that he shows great courage in how honestly he tells his story and faces the fact that he was addicted to the Stagecoach Inn. This book is not only a good read if you’re interested in the paranormal, but it also serves as a cautionary tale for people who are also paranormal investigators. Allen is not the first person this has happened to, nor will he be the last, thus I urge all of you ghost hunters out there to give this book a look. You never know what is waiting for you in the darkness. Nietzsche sums it up best: “And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.”

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